Don Quixote in Exile

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June 1996
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209 pages
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Don Quixote in Exile

Peter Furst

Peter Furst's biographical novel is the chronicle of a Jew who fled Germany in the 1930s.

The odyssey begins in Monte Carlo, where a narrator named Peter is covering the auto races for a German newspaper. Preferring life as an exile over a return to Nazi Germany, Peter bounces to Madrid, where he's branded a Nazi; covers the Spanish Civil War from the back room of a Vienna coffeehouse; and journeys to Belgrade, where all the cafe patrons without dark glasses are assumed to be spies. His final journey, however, is far from droll or ironic: he and his new bride must desperately search the Caribbean for a country that will allow them entry.

About the Author

Peter Furst was born in Berlin in 1910. He was a sports reporter and columnist with theĀ Berliner Tageblatt before he fled Germany to the Dominican Republic in 1934. After emigrating to the United States in 1946, he worked for the Jewish Health Organization and as a radio commentator for the Voice of America. He lives in Oakland, California.
"Many a World War II refugee has a tale to tell of adventures and misadventures, but not many have Peter Furst's sense of style and irony. [He] turns the dislocations of war into a picaresque and first-rate entertainment." --Norman Mailer