Dominoes and Other Stories from the Puerto Rican

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ISBN 978-1-880684-11-5
Publication Date
July 1995
Page Count
149 pages
Trim Size
5.2 x 7.5

Dominoes and Other Stories from the Puerto Rican

Jack Agüeros

Dominoes & Other Stories from the Puerto Rican, the long-awaited debut collection of fiction from playwright and poet Jack Agüeros, is a unique window on the untold stories of the lives of Puerto-Rican Americans. 

With a phenomenal richness of detail, Jack Agüeros brings the reality of Puerto Rican experience in New York fully to life. In stories that span the decades of the 1940s through 1990s he recreates the barrio in all its multi-faceted immensity, with its candy stores, plaster saints, numbers collectors, tropical fruit vendors and sidewalk games of dominoes, its knife fights and junkies' raps and its succesful stories of craftsmen and entrepeneurs.

These stories convey hard, sometimes brutal, often bittersweet experiences, but throughout, Jack Agüeros writes with artistry and unyielding compassion that gloriously affirm quiet moments of grace and triumph in common and ordinary struggles—the real stuff of literature.
About the Author

Jack Agüeros was an American poet, translator, and community activist. From 1977 to 1986 he was the director of the Museo del Barrio in New York City. He died in 2014. 

"A wonderful collection of stories— full of the particulars of a people's encounter with America, told with persuasive grace, charm, and honesty..."

—Robert Coles

"To read DOMINOES is to enter into the world of the Puerto Rican community... Thank you, Jack, for giving us another voice that celebrates our culture. Gracias." 

— Nicholasa Mohr 

"In this debut collection of eight stories, poet, playwright and television writer Agueros creates intimate portraits of New York City's Puerto Rican community, revealing the complexities of people whose indigenous culture often conflicts with their new urban life. Though his prose is spare, the tales brim with telling details that define the time and place with indelibly vivid images... Ultimately this book celebrates the nurturing spirit of the human heart."

— Publishers Weekly