Dita Saxova

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Publication Date
January 1994
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358 pages
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Dita Saxova

Arnost Lustig

Dita Saxova is an eighteen-year-old concentration camp survivor trying to start a new life in postwar Prague. Living in a special hostel for orphans from the camps, too old to be cared for parentally, too young to be fully adult, too soaked in reality to harbor many illusions, Dita struggles to reconcile struggles to reconcile her unfathomable past with her enigmatic future. First published in Czech in 1962, then in English in 1979, Dita Saxova confirms Arnost Lustig's place as one of the masterful storytellers of the Holocaust period.

About the Author

Holocaust survivor Arnost Lustig was born in Prague in 1926. Lustig became a radio reporter and upon his return from Prague with his mother. Currently, Lustig teaches at the American University in Washington, D. C. Lustig's short story selections include Children of the Holocaust, Indecent Dreams, and Street of Lost Brothers. His awards include an Emmy, a National Jewish Book Award, and the Karel Capek Award for Literary Achievement by President Valclav Havel.
"This book is Dita's song, and she deserves it." --Washington Post
"Lustig regularly reserves his surest touch, his greatest insight, for the lives of children who've survived the Holocaust. . . . A graceful, sad book with a namesake character worthy of the loving attention Lustig has given her." --Kirkus Reviews

"A memorable portrait of a complex young woman."

Publishers Weekly