Disputatio Volume 4

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1812-6
Publication Date
July 2000
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151 pages
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Disputatio Volume 4

Discourses of Power: Grammar and Rhetoric in the Middle Ages
Carol Poster and Richard J. Utz

Northwestern University Press is pleased to announce the release of a new volume in its journal addressing late medieval culture (ca. 1300-1550). Discourses of Power: Grammar and Rhetoric in the Middle Ages provides an exhaustive treatment of its subject by scholars representing various nations, approaches, and disciplines. Supported by a multinational editorial board, the editors have selected scholarly articles, inclusive review essays, and an extensive bibliography.

About the Author

Carol Poster, an associate professor of English at York University in Toronto, has written numerous articles and book chapters on the history of rhetoric, the rhetoric of philosophy and religion, and classical tradition. She has also published translations of Arstophanes' Clouds and Plautus' Stichus. Poster has won the 2003 Kneupper Award for best article in Rhetoric Society Quarterly and the 1997 Gildersleeve Prize for best article in American Journal of Philology.