Desire Zoo

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ISBN 978-1-882688-47-0
Publication Date
April 2014
Page Count
80 pages
Trim Size
6 x 9

Desire Zoo


Alison Luterman’s eye is on women, on children, in the streets and in the woods. Or at home alone in front of a desk. Her arms envelop love in whatever form it shows up: a cup of coffee from her husband, or the curve of a pregnant woman’s belly as she walks around the lake in flip-flops. Luterman’s poems are concerned with this and more. She is not abstract—she can’t stop telling stories. She doesn’t know how to refrain from making meaning out of scraps of beauty that she’s found. For Luterman, poetry is both a privilege and a job.
About the Author

Alison Luterman has written two previous books of poetry, The Largest Possible Life (Cleveland State University Press) and See How We Almost Fly (Pearl Editions). Luterman also writes plays and personal essays. She has taught at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, the Esalen Institute, and the Omega Institute, as well as at high schools, juvenile halls, and poetry festivals.