The Desire of Psychoanalysis

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Publication Date
February 2021
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280 pages
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The Desire of Psychoanalysis

Exercises in Lacanian Thinking
Gabriel Tupinambá; With a foreword by Slavoj Žižek

The Desire of Psychoanalysis proposes that recognizing how certain theoretical and institutional problems in Lacanian psychoanalysis are grounded in the historical conditions of Lacan’s own thinking might allow us to overcome these impasses. In order to accomplish this, Gabriel Tupinambá analyzes the socioeconomic practices that underlie the current institutional existence of the Lacanian community—its political position as well as its institutional history—in relation to theoretical production.

By focusing on the underlying dynamic that binds clinical practice, theoretical work, and institutional security in Lacanian psychoanalysis today, Tupinambá is able to locate sites for conceptual innovation that have been ignored by the discipline, such as the understanding of the role of money in clinical practice, the place of analysands in the transformation of psychoanalytic theory, and ideological dead-ends that have become common sense in the Lacanian field. The Desire of Psychoanalysis thus suggests ways of opening up psychoanalysis to new concepts and clinical practices and calls for a transformation of how psychoanalysis is understood as an institution.

About the Author

GABRIEL TUPINAMBÁ is a postdoctoral fellow at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.


“Gabriel Tupinambá is one of the most talented and creative psychoanalysts of this new generation of Brazilian Lacanians. His rigorous style combines a broad domain of dense areas of Lacan's work with the necessary courage to renew psychoanalysis in the face of the acute problems posed by the clinic's social reality . . . Recovering the narrative force of clinical accounts, he manages to adjust Lacan's logical-formalistic pretensions with a beneficial conception on the multiplicity of practices that claim the name of psychoanalysis.” —Christian Dunker, author of The Constitution of the Psychoanalytic Clinic: A History of its Structure and Power

“There are books that are written, and there are books that absolutely needed to be written. Tupinambá’s The Desire of Psychoanalysis definitely falls in this last category. It is a groundbreaking interrogation of psychoanalysis and of how the latter is situated in the broader conceptual and social context. Coming at exactly the right moment, and written by someone who is himself a psychoanalyst, philosopher and political activist, The Desire of Psychoanalysis is bound to shatter the status quo, which psychoanalysis sometimes all to easily gives in to. An outstanding book.” —Alenka Zupancic, author of What IS Sex?