The Desert World

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ISBN 978-0-8101-6018-7
Publication Date
October 1996
Page Count
124 pages
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The Desert World

Pierre Jean Jouve

Set in Switzerland during the early twentieth century, The Desert World focuses on the troubled relationships uniting three remarkable characters: Jacques de Todi, the homosexual son of a pastor; Luc Pascal, a French poet; and Baladine Nikolaievna, a mysterious and fascinating Russian woman involved with them both.

About the Author

Pierre Jean Jouve (1887-1976), a French poet, essayist, and translator, was also the author of four novels and two volumes of shorter fiction, including Paulina 1880 and Hélène, available from The Marlboro Press/Northwestern. 

Lydia Davis is the author of four works of fiction and was named a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government for her translations.

"Turgid, atmospheric, frankly psychological, the novels breathe with . . . ardor. . . . Jouve was a writer who thought with his senses, who believed with the tools of his skepticism and whose work always lives best through the webs of shadow thrown by death." --Chicago Tribune

"I am convinced that Jouve's modernity--the extraordinary wit, speed, purposeful freedom and hard edge, bordering on cruelty, of his fiction--would appeal tremendously to readers and possibly set off important esthetic reverberations."

--Louis Begley, New York Times Book Review

"The milieu evoked is Catholic, European, and pastoral, a striking setting for a sensual relationship. . . . The author takes as his primary theme the interrelatedness of love and death, viewed here with a decidedly Freudian slant that undoubtedly owes something to the influrence of his wife, a psychiatrist . . . Recommended."

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