Of Derrida Heidegger and Spirit

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Publication Date
July 1993
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Of Derrida Heidegger and Spirit

David Wood

Jacques Derrida's De l'espirit: Heidegger et la question is one of his most interesting and accessible later works. In it, Derrida attempts to come to terms with Heidegger's Nazi connections by way of an extended reflection on Heidegger's use of the term "Geist." In Of Derrida, Heidegger, and Spirit, David Wood presents a variety of powerful and distinctive responses to Derrida's book.

About the Author

David Wood (born 1946, Oxford, England) is a professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

"Each of these essays has given me something to think about. I can imagine no reader of Derrida, no matter how enthusiastic or critical, who will not find at least one of these pieces to his or her liking, who will not find their own work on Derrida and deconstruction helped and challenged." --Paul Davies, University of Sussex