Deep Blue Almost Black

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1766-2
Publication Date
February 2000
Page Count
116 pages
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Deep Blue Almost Black

Selected Fiction
Thanassis Valtinos

With vivid language and powerful imagery, Thanassis Valtinos addresses the dislocation of three generations of Greeks facing profound political, social, and cultural change.

About the Author

Thanassis Valtinos was born in Greece in 1932.  A recipient of a Ford Foundation grant and an honorary fellow of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, Valtinos has won numerous awards for his innovative work.  A member of the International Theater Institute and the former president of the Society of Greek Writers, he continues to write fiction and screenplays and to translate classical Greek drama for the theater.  His novel Data Decade of the Sixties is also available from Northwestern University Press.  

Jane Assimakopoulos, an American writer and translator, lives in Ioannina, Greece.

Stavros Deligiorgis is a professor of comparative literature at the University of Iowa.    
"Masterful . . . language and an unusually keen insight into the contemporary sensibility of his people." --Edmund Keeley
"Valtinos is light of touch, clear, precise, lucid. The story is clear on the page, undistorted by the prose of its telling. . . . This must be one of the best prose translations of the century." --Harvard Review
"Thanks to an idiosyncratic, always intriguing, and consistently challenging literary discourse, Thanassis Valtinos has established himself as the most successful and innovative contemporary Greek storyteller." --Modern Greek Studies