Dark Legs and Silk Kisses

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Publication Date
November 1993
Page Count
103 pages
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Dark Legs and Silk Kisses

The Beatitudes of the Spinners
Angela Jackson

Winner of the Carl Sandburg Award for Poetry

Angela Jackson brings her remarkable linguistic and poetic gifts to the articulation of African-American experience. The recurrent motif of the spider, which she presents as both creator and predator, demonstrates her deliberate reshaping of myth in the context of contemporary human experience. Informed by African-American speech and poetic traditions, yet uniquely her own, these poems display Jackson's stylistic grace, her exuberance and vitality of spirit, and her emotional sensitivity and psychological insight.

About the Author

Angela Jackson (born July 25, 1951 Greenville, Mississippi) is a poet, playwright and writer.
"This is an impressive and intelligent book that makes my skin crawl." --Harvard Review
"Jackson's ear is keen; her memory of traditions is crystal clear." --Feminist Bookstore News

"Hopefully this large collection will earn for Angela Jackson the extensive enthusiasm she has long deserved. She is a poet, novelist, and playwright who has known, for long, what is right for her attention and scrupulous investigation."

—Gwendolyn Brooks