Creance; or, Comest Thou Cosmic Nazarite

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ISBN 978-0-8101-4020-2
Publication Date
April 2019
Trim Size
5 x 7

Creance; or, Comest Thou Cosmic Nazarite

Andrew E. Colarusso

In Creance; or, Comest Thou Cosmic Nazarite, Andrew Colarusso hybridizes lost and unknown spaces, taking his title from a falconry term for the cord used to restrain a bird. The word derives from the late fifteenth century, from the French créance (“faith”), also denoting a cord to retain a bird of peu de créance (“of little faith,” i.e., which cannot yet be relied upon). Poems of personal narrative and metaphorical depth speak for the voices searching—in a world that lashes out or looks right past what remains tethered to the past—the parts that occupy the whispers of wanting, the dreams of finally being seen.
About the Author

ANDREW E. COLARUSSO is the author of the novel The Sovereign. He was the editor in chief of The Broome Street Review from 2009 to 2017.