Couples, Passerby

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1242-1
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Publication Date
December 1996
Page Count
126 pages
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5 1/4 x 8 1/2

Couples, Passerby

Botho Strauss

The six linked sections of Couples, Passersby present vignettes of frustrated connections and emotional numbness as characters search for meaning in art, in language, and in each other. A man waiting for his beloved to cross the street watches as she's struck by a car. A colorless suburban couple makes the long journey from their home to sit in a gay bar and feel exotic. A man leaves an animated intellectual lunch and goes unrecognized by his companion a few minutes later. Throughout, Strauss filters the particulars of everyday existence through his singular sensibility to creating a portrait of contemporary urban society and the artist's place within it.

About the Author

Botho Strauss, one of Germany's most controversial writers, writes of a Germany hobbled by her past and drifting toward dehumanization.
"A voyeur in the crowd, [Strauss] uses this vantage point to reveal the hidden truths and underlying misery of a technologically and historically burdened world." --New York Times Book Review