The Company of Words

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Publication Date
March 1993
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The Company of Words

Hegel, Language, and Systematic Philosophy
John McCumber

In this provocative work, John McCumber asks us to understand Hegel's system as a new approach to linguistic communication. Hegel, he argues, is concerned with building community and mutual comprehension rather than with completing metaphysics or developing historical critique. According to McCumber's radial interpretation, Hegel constructs a complex ideal of how we should use certain words. This ideal philosophical vocabulary is flexible and open to revision, and is constructed according to principles available at all time and all places; it is responsive to, but not dictated by, the shared language of cultured discourse whose concepts it attempts to refine and universalize.

About the Author

John McCumber has taught at the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research and is associate professor of philosophy at Northwstern University. He is the author of Poetic Interaction: Language, Freedom, Reason.