The Cloth of Many Colored Silks

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May 2012
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The Cloth of Many Colored Silks

Papers on History and Society Ghanaian and Islamic in Honor of Ivor Wilks
John Hunwick and Nancy Lawler

The Cloth of Many Colored Silks collects a wide variety of scholarship dealing with Ghanaian history and society, including papers by Basil Davidson, Jean Allman, Esther Goody and Jack Goody, Sandra E. Greene, Polly Hill, Ray A. Kea, Peter Shinnie, Victoria B. Tashjian, Larry W. Yarak, Ralph A. Austen, Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias, Robert S. Kramer, Robert Launay, Donna J.E. Maier, R.S. O'Fahey, David Owusu-Ansah, and Enid Schildkrout.

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