Civil Juries and the Politics of Reform

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Publication Date
August 1995
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Civil Juries and the Politics of Reform

Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin

Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin have analyzed patterns in jury verdicts in a number of substantive legal areas, including medical malpractice, products liability, and punitive damages, against the background of the larger political and academic debate over tort reform. Civil Juries and the Politics of Reform brings together and summarizes the authors' extensive empirical research on civil jury verdicts in the context of that debate.

About the Author

Stephen Daniels, Ph.D., is Senior Research Fellow at the American Bar Foundation. Joanne Martin, J.D., is Assistant Director of the American Bar Foundation.
"If there is one book that every judge, politician, or pundit who has railed against the 'lawsuit crisis' needs to read, it is this one." --Trial
"May be the most important addition to the literature on the American jury system since the works of Kalvan and Zeisel, The American Jury, published in the early 1960s." --Vermont Bar

"The authors have produced a good portion of the only reliable data on the worksings of the state judicial systems with respect to these areas of perceived crisis. And already their findings challenge much of the conventional wisdom and point the way toward the development of new perspectives and approaches. . . . There is clearly an eager audience for this book within the academic community, not to mention the legal profession and the persons concerned with making policy about the courts."

—Bryant Garth, Director, American Bar Foundation