City of Light

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ISBN 978-0-8101-5080-5
Publication Date
April 1998
Page Count
423 pages
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City of Light

Cyrus Colter

Paul Kessey, age twenty-nine, is caught between two worlds. Although his is a privileged world of successful blacks in Chicago, and he is a graduate of Princeton, handsome and well-connected, Kessey is uncertain how to identify himself in relation to the African diaspora, partly because of his light skin. Throughout a Paris sojourn, he is both attracted and repelled by different ideas, attitudes, and concepts regarding the place of blacks in a white society; he goes back and forth among the persons and the ideas they represent, and thus among contradictory possibilities of life as a black man.

By intertwining in an intricate web racial, class, and political issues with the intense struggles of one man's heart, Colter presents a vivid portrait of the personal effects of prejudice and its hypocrisies. City of Light remains a daring push against the grain of American literary fashion.

About the Author

Cyrus Colter was a distinguished attorney and public servant when he took up writing in midlife. He is the author of five other works, among them The Beach Umbrella and Other StoriesThe HippodromeNight Studies, and A Chocolate Soldier, all published by TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press