Circle of Love Over Death

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ISBN 978-1-880684-38-2
Publication Date
November 1996
Page Count
256 pages
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Circle of Love Over Death

The Story of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
Matilde Mellibovsky

In Circle of Love Over Death, Matilde Mellibovsky documents the testimonies of mothers whose children were stripped from them in Argentina during the turbulent 1970s. She not only describes the personal anguish of families over the torture, death or "disappearance" of their children, but also shows how the women gave emotional support to each other and the way in which, since 1976, they slowly but surely organized and built an international movement.
About the Author

Matilde Mellibovsky is one of the founding Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Maria Proser was an Argentine translator and activist. She and her husband, Matthew, a professor of English at the University of Connecticut, collaborated on a number of Spanish to English translations. Maria died in 2018. She is survived by Matthew, who lives in Eastern Connecticut. 

"Heart-wrenching and deeply analytical, Circle of Love Over Death is mandatory reading for those who seek to understand the dynamics of state terrorism and people's resistance in the Americas." —Alicia Partnoy

"The voices of the women gathered in this book are lyrical, powerful, evocative of familiar faces deprived of youth and hope. Each of the testimonies is written with simplicity and power. In all the important literature written about the Mothers, Circle of Love Over Death is one of the most outstanding and memorable texts, mostly because the voices featured are those of the Mothers themselves." —Marjorie Agosin, Wellesley College

"[The Mother's] cries have affected their own country, as well as the world, and learning of their experiences will change your definition of justice forever." —Blake de Pastino, Julie Birnbaum, Angie Drobnic, and Tracy L. Cooley