A Chocolate Soldier

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ISBN 978-0-8101-5038-6
Publication Date
June 1995
Page Count
278 pages
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5 1/2 x 8 1/2

A Chocolate Soldier

Cyrus Colter

Cyrus Colter's fourth novel is a cautionary tale of revolutionary dreams, bitter realities, and the persistence of both hope and falsehood. No reader will forget the tale Meshach Barry tells of the rebellion led by Rollo Ezekiel Lee--known as "Cager"--on the campus of a small black college.

About the Author

A distinguished attorney and public servant, Cyrus Colter took up writing in midlife and, after retiring from the law, devoted himself not only to his art but also to teaching. He held the Chester D. Tripp Professorship in the Humanities and chaired the Program in African-American Studies at Northwestern University. His first book, The Beach Umbrella, won the Iowa School of Letters Award for First Fiction in 1970. TriQuarterly Books and Northwestern University Press have reprinted his earlier novel, The Hippodrome. His other works include The Rivers of ErosNight Studies, and The Amoralist.
"When I came upon his tales, I suddenly found myself having a lovely time. He was telling me all sorts of magical things about life I'd never known." --Kurt Vonnegut
"Cyrus Colter tackles epic themes as though they were wild horses--and he tames them. He has the power of a roundhouse puncher. When he connects, wham! He connects quite often in A Chocolate Soldier. A knockout!" --Studs Terkel
"Surely with the publication of this very impressive novel, Colter should win the national audience this work so richly and clearly deserves." --Leon Forrest