Chicago Lawyers, Revised Edition

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Publication Date
October 1994
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Chicago Lawyers, Revised Edition

The Social Structure of the Bar
John Heinz and Edward Laumann

The legal profession is stratified primarily by the character of the clients served, not by the type of legal service rendered, as John P. Heinz and Edward O. Laumann convincingly demonstrate. In their classic study of the Chicago bar, the authors draw on interviews with nearly 800 lawyers to show that the profession is divided into two distinct hemispheres--corporate and individual--and that this dichotomy is reflected in the distribution of prestige among lawyers.

About the Author

John P. Heinz is the Owen L. Coon Professor of Law at Northwestern University and Distinguished Research Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Edward O. Laumann is the George Herbert Mead Distinguished Professor of Sociology and former provost of the University of Chicago.
"This major contribution to the study of the legal profession is certain to become a standard reference and resource in the field." --Choice
"A major achievement . . . For anyone with a serious empirical interest in the legal profession, Chicago Lawyers clearly sets the standard for future work in the field." --American Journal of Sociology

"Chicago Lawyers is the most comprehensive study of the bar of a major American city. Its sound empirical foundation and provactive theoretical framework have shaped the understanding of a generation of researchers and students."

—Richard L. Abel, UCLA