A Certain Finkelmeyer

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1263-6
Publication Date
June 1995
Page Count
362 pages
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A Certain Finkelmeyer

Felix Roziner

Aaron-Chaim Mendelevich Finkelmeyer is a Jew and a poet who works for the Ministries of Fisheries in Siberia. Because of his heritage, the only way he can get his work published is to "discover" the oral literature of an obscure minority population, the Tongors, which he publishes under the guise of a translation. This comic masquerade turns serious when his work gets the attention of the KGB, and when a Siberian hunter, the owner of the name Finkelmeyer uses as a pseudonym, appears to take his revenge.

About the Author

Felix Roziner was born in Russia and emigrated to Israel in 1978. In addition to fiction, he has published poetry, screenplays, books on art history, and music criticism.

Michael Henry Heim (1943-2012) was a Professor of Slavic Languages, at the University California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He received his doctorate at Harvard in 1971. He is an active and prolific translator, and is fluent in Czech, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Serbo-Croatian.

"Excellent characterization, fluid prose and taut, dramatic pacing lead to a shattering denouement . . . [Roziner] should earn a wide audience with this powerful, poignant tale." --Publishers Weekly
"The narrative tone tends toward the soulful and whimsical in its depiction of this resourceful Jewish personality, who at each stage of his life wrested enjoyment, passionate love, deep friendship, and creative delight from his imposed marginality." --World Literature Today

"This book is one of the best manifestations of the Soviet Jewish intellectual's psyche. All items depicted on these pages are highly tangible, all notions strike the Western reader with a heavy surrealistic Soviet cudgel." 

—Vassily Aksyonov