The Censors

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ISBN 978-0-915306-12-1
Publication Date
July 1995
Page Count
255 pages
Trim Size
5.5 x 8.5

The Censors

A Bilingual Selection of Stories
Luisa Valenzuela

The Censors is the only bilingual collection of fiction by Luisa Valenzuela, one of Latin America's best known and most widely translated authors. This selection of stories from Clara, Strange Things Happen Here, and Open Door, which delves into the personal and political realities under authoritarian rule, gives a rich representation of her literary talent.
About the Author

Luisa Valenzuela (born November 26, 1938, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a post-'Boom' novelist and short story writer. Her writing is characterized by an experimental, avant-garde style which questions hierarchical social structures from a feminist perspective. She is best known for her work written in response to the dictatorship of the 1970s in Argentina. She has written for newspapers, magazines, and radio in her native Argentina, and was a Resident Writer at the Center for Interamerican Relations at New York and Columbia University for 10 years. 


"Luisa Valenzuela's affecting short stories—parables, really—are cryptic and poetic. Like many Latin American writers, she produces work that verges on the surreal." —New York Times Book Review

"[She is] the heiress of Latin American literature. She wears an opulent, baroque crown, but her feet are bare." —Carlos Fuentes

"Luisa Valenzuela explores the terrain where love and violence, erotic pleasure and death, exist perilously close to each other . . . Valenzuela plays with words, turns them inside out, weaves them into sensuous webs." —Voice Literary Supplement