Catullan Games

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ISBN 978-0-910395-53-3
Publication Date
January 1989
Page Count
61 pages
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6 x 9

Catullan Games

Sandor Rakos

For this sequence of poems, organized like so many reflecting mirrors that amongst one another exchange an infinite commentary, the historic reference and point of departure is Catullus and the work where the first century Latin poet tells of his passion for Lesbia, whom he by turns and concurrently loved and hated.

About the Author

Sándor Rákos was born in 1921, the son of a village school teacher in northeastern Hungary. He studied economics in Budapest, but took no degree; worked in various administrative, journalistic, and editorial jobs; and in 1952 began to devote himself to writing. Today he heads the Translators' Section of the Hungarian Writers Union. He has published four books of poetry and one of essays as well as translations of Gilgamesh and other pieces of Mesopotamian poetry, and a volume of folk poems from the South Sea Islands.