Bruna and Her Sisters in the Sleeping City

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1408-1
Publication Date
November 1999
Page Count
228 pages
Trim Size
5 3/4 x 8 3/4

Bruna and Her Sisters in the Sleeping City

Alicia Yanez Cossio

This magical novel, available in English for the first time, chronicles the history of Bruna and her wealthy, eccentric family, a clan with a centuries-long history in the somnolent mountains of northern Ecuador. Bruna's relatives spend their waking hours reassembling the family tree, appropriating and casting off relations and ancestors at will. As she pieces together her family history, Bruna begins to create her own identity, emerging from the shadow of history and coming to grips with the struggles of her family and nation to achieve a balance between the best of the old and the new.

About the Author

Alicia Yánez Cossío is the author of nine novels as well as numerous other works, including poetry, short stories, children's books, and a memoir. She lives in Quito, Ecuador.

Kenneth J. A. Wishnia teaches writing, literature and other deviant forms of thought at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood, Long Island, where he is a professor of English.
"While details of Ecuadorian social history and folklore may be unfamiliar, this story of a young woman's search for identity is a classic one." --Publishers Weekly
"[A] rich episodic narrative that goes from strength to strength, all the while merrily skewering Latin American supernaturalism, machismo, and self-importance." --Kirkus Reviews