Biography of a Runaway Slave

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ISBN 978-1-880684-18-4
Publication Date
July 1995
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217 pages
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Biography of a Runaway Slave

In this remarkable testimony, Cuban novelist and anthropologist Miguel Barnet presents the narrative of 105-year-old Esteban Montejo, who lived as a slave, as fugitive in the wilderness, and as a soldier in the Cuban War of Independence. Honest, blunt, compassionate, shrewd, and engaging, his voice provides an extraordinary insight into the African culture that took root in the Caribbean.

About the Author

Miguel Barnet lives in Havana, Cuba, where he was born in 1940. He is the originator of the tradition of "Testimonial" fiction in Latin American letters, and he remains the genre's acknowledged master.

"...a powerful account of a vanished world...invaluable." -- Newsweek

" authentic a voice of history as you are likely to hear." -- National Catholic Reporter

"He [Esteban] is the radical truth so many of us are still so reluctant to face." -- National Catholic Reporter