The Beneficiary

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Publication Date
December 1997
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118 pages
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The Beneficiary

Barbara Konig

Herr Mommsen's life was spared thirty-five years ago during World War II when a priest voluntarily took his place before a firing squad. Now, when the incident is suddenly revealed, he finds himself bombarded with questions about how it felt to be the beneficiary of such a sacrifice. Barbara König's delicate novel reveals what happens when the unremarkable Mommsen is forced to examine his ordinary existence in the context of this extraordinary event.

About the Author

Barbara Konig, born in Reichenberg, Czechoslovakia (Bohemia), began her career as a journalist before turning fiction.  The author of six novels, she is the recipient of several national literary awards.  Her book, Our House, is also published by Northwestern University Press. 

Roslyn Theobald has translated works by Botho Strauss and Lisa Fittko, among others, and lives in the Chicago area.
"[König] handles the laconic and the factual with ease . . . and investigates the 'tangled coil' of her protagonist's brain from some original angles." --Times Literary Supplement
"As a reflection on living a life, it is powerful and astute." --Boston Sunday Globe