The Beach Umbrella and Other Stories

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May 1996
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283 pages
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The Beach Umbrella and Other Stories

Cyrus Colter

Set mostly on Chicago's South Side, these eighteen stories describe ordinary people whose lives are transformed by small acts of chance or will. From depictions of the ordered urban enclaves of the black middle class to the dank and dirty tenements of the lonely city's poor, Colter's sharp, spare prose etches perceptive portraits of people who endure and overcome the most severe threats to their spirits.

About the Author

A distinguished attorney and public servant, Cyrus Colter took up writing in midlife and, after retiring from the law, devoted himself not only to his art but also to teaching. Colter's novels The Hippodrome and A Chocolate Soldier are also available from Northwestern University Press; Colter's other works include The Rivers of Eros and Night Studies.

"Cyrus Colter tackles epic themes as though they were wild horses--and he tames them." --Studs Terkel