Bakhtin in Contexts

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November 1995
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Bakhtin in Contexts

Across the Disciplines
Amy Mandelker

The Russian critic M. M. Bakhtin has recently become a major figure in contemporary theory beyond his traditional influence in Slavic literary studies. Bakhtin in Contexts explores the revolutionary impact Bakhtin's ideas have carried in contemporary discussion of language, art, culture, and social science in recent years. The contributors represent a broad range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, epitomizing the views of Russian and American specialists in those fields Bakhtin often referred to as "the human sciences." The diversity of perspective and flexibility of approach make this a unique contribution to Bakhtin studies and to the ongoing dialogue between Western and Russian theorists.

About the Author

Amy Mandelker is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York and the author of Framing "Anna Karenina": Tolstoy, the Woman Question and the Victorian Novel.