Baghdad Sketches

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ISBN 978-0-8101-6023-1
Publication Date
December 1996
Page Count
177 pages
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Baghdad Sketches

Freya Stark

In the fall of 1928, thirty-five year-old Freya Stark set out on her first journey to the Middle East. She spent most of the next four years in Iraq and Persia, visiting ancient and medieval sites, and traveling alone through some of the wilder corners of the region.

About the Author

Freya Stark was the author of over thirty-five books, including The Valley of Assassins, Beyond Euphrates, Alexander's Path, and Dust in the Lion's Paw.
"Freya Stark writes beautiful, rousing travel prose. Her Baghdad Sketches . . . have a polish that is as genuine as it is rare." --Forum
"In every one of these articles we see the same astonishing and delicate power to evoke a scene." --Spectator
"This is more than just another travel book. . . . As good travel literature it stands with the best." --Saturday Review of Literature