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February 2000
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Emmanuel Bove
Emmanuel Bove's Armand follows the sensitive title character and the people in his orbit over the course of a day. There is Jeanne, Armand's wealthy lover and keeper; his awkward and penniless old friend Lucien; and Lucien's younger sister Marguerite, who is as clumsy and poor as her brother. Bove's gift for nuance has been compared to that of Proust, and in Armand his writing is at its most powerful.
About the Author

Emmanuel Bove (1898- 1945) was born in Paris.  With Colette's patronage, he became a popular writer, dividing his career between pulp fiction and the handful of serious novels upon which his reputation now rests.  His other works include A Winter's Journal, My Friends, A Man Who Knows, A Singular Man, and Quicksand, all published by the Marlboro Press/ Northwestern. 

Janet Louth is a translator living in Oxford, England.