Apostles of Sartre

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Publication Date
May 1999
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170 pages
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Apostles of Sartre

Existentialism in America, 1945-1963
Ann Fulton

This philosophical history explores the social and cultural factors that shaped American philosophers' reactions to Sartre's existentialism, from early hostility through what William James described as "the classic stages of a theory's career." Using unpublished letters, conference speeches, and college course lists, Fulton traces the rise of existentialism and the importance of Sartre's philosophical and literary works to the generation of the 1960s.

About the Author

Ann Fulton teaches history at Portland State University.  Her work has been published in the Journal of the History of Ideas. 
"This is solid, engaging writing that will appeal to general readers with an interest in the subject, as well as to scholars in the field." --Library Journal