And All These Roads Be Luminous

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Publication Date
February 1998
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197 pages
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And All These Roads Be Luminous

Poems Selected and New
Angela Jackson

As Angela Jackson has developed as a poet, her poetry has engaged various artistic perspectives yet always maintains a characteristic combination of compassion, grace, and daring. Drawing from earlier works contained in chapbooks, And All These Roads Be Luminous is filled with a world of characters engaged in explorations of identity, sexuality, creativity, and spirituality--all revealed through a passionate verse brimming with surprises.

About the Author

Angela Jackson (born July 25, 1951 Greenville, Mississippi) is a poet, playwright and writer.

"Like the magician she is, [she] constantly surprises us with an unforeseen twist that turns cliché and commonality into manna and nectar." --Black Book Review
"[S]inuous and inexhaustible exhalations, complex riffs rich in sensuous detail and resonant with psychological insight." --Booklist