America's Lawyer-Presidents

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August 2004
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America's Lawyer-Presidents

From Law Office to Oval Office
Norman Gross
How have the legal careers of twenty-five American presidents shaped their presidencies?

Of America's forty-three presidents, twenty-five have been lawyers. John Adams, the first lawyer-president, combined a twenty-year law practice with significant contributions to our nation's founding charters. His son, John Quincy Adams, argued landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases both before and after his presidency. He was one of eight lawyer-presidents to appear as counsel before the highest court in the land. America's most beloved and admired president, Abraham Lincoln, was involved in more than 5,100 cases during his 25-year legal career, while Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and other lawyer-presidents gained fame handling sensational murder trials and equally high profile cases.

These are but a few of the fascinating stories about the legal careers of America's lawyer-presidents. Yet, these stories have largely been untold-until now. America's Lawyer-Presidents sheds light on the legal backgrounds of each of these chief executives and how their experiences as lawyers impacted and shaped their presidencies. Written by historians and presidential scholars and featuring an engaging and image-rich presentation, America's Lawyer-Presidents provides new insights into our national leaders and their lives and times, from colonial days to the present.
About the Author
A lawyer and educator, Norman Gross is currently director of the ABA Museum of Law in Chicago. He formerly served as director of Entrepreneurial Projects for the ABA and headed its Division for Public Education. America's Lawyer Presidents is a co-publication with the American Bar Association Museum of Law.

Individual chapters on the "lawyer-Presidents" have been written by professors, lawyers, and historians of the Presidency.
"Twenty-five of the United States' forty-three Presidents have been lawyers, and yet their careers as attorneys have tended to receive scant attention when compared to their political lives, even though the training and activity of these men as lawyers often contributed deeply to their views on American institutions. America's Lawyer-Presidents, which is the work of an impressive assembly of respected scholars, is lucid, informative, and highly engaging. The book provides intriguing biographical perspectives on the professional lives of a number of our most influential citizens, and also demonstrates yet again the profound relationship between the development of American law and our democracy." -Scott Turow