After the Divorce

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Publication Date
May 1995
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174 pages
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After the Divorce

Grazia Deledda

Winner of the 1926 Nobel Prize in Literature

In this tragic novel set in the author's native Sardinia, Constantino Ledda has been convicted and sentenced for the murder of his cruel uncle. Though innocent of the crime, he accepts the verdict as punishment for marrying Giovanna Era through a civil ceremony rather than an expensive church wedding. When Constantino is taken away, Giovanna has no way to provide for herself or family, and out of desperation divorces her husband and marries a wealthy but brutish landowner. When the real killer confesses and Constantino is released, he and Giovanna begin a forbidden and ultimately destructive affair.

About the Author

Grazia Deledda (1871-1936) was born in Nuoro, Sardinia, which forms the setting for most of her fiction. In 1900 she moved to Rome with her husband, where she was commissioned to codify the folklore on her native island. Her subsequent work is informed and inspired by this research and by a keen understanding of the conflicts produced by the convergence of Christianity, strict social mores, and pagan superstition. In 1926 she became the second woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, awarded in recognition of the enduring power of her work and its consistent impact on a global audience. Remarkably, her work is little known to English-speaking audiences. Northwestern University Press publishes another of her novels, Elias Portolu.
"[Deledda] belongs to more than just her own day. She does more than reproduce the temporary psychological condition of her period. She has a background, and she deals with something more fundamental than sophisticated feeling . . . what she does do is create the passionate complex of a primitive populace." --D.H. Lawrence