After the Bombs

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Publication Date
July 1995
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221 pages
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After the Bombs

Arturo Arias

After the Bombs is a coming of age story that holds a mirror up to the modern history of Guatemala—a funhouse mirror of richly inventive and farcical black comedy which provides a better description of life in that country than any history book ever could. It opens with the bombing of Guatemala City in 1954 when the hero, Max, is a small child. In a swiftly moving narrative, Max journeys toward adulthood, searching for his identity, for his father, and along the way, for the real Guatemala and the possibility of a society founded on human decency, after the bombs.
About the Author

Arturo Arias is professor of Latin American studies at the University of California, Merced. He has published four books in English: After the BombsRattlesnakeThe Rigoberta Menchú Controversy, and Taking their Word: Literature and the Signs of Central America. He is also widely known for his literary criticism.

Asa Zatz was born in Mexico and has translated nearly one hundred books. He lives in New York.


"After the Bombs is a sort of bildungsroman run riot. Arias mixes stream-of-consciousness, lyrical outbursts, Marx Brothers antics, a nuanced, poetic sense of rhythm in his sentence construction, funky gossip, and myth, all with a fine sense of theatricality." —Voice Literary Supplement

"A sumptuous buffet of characters and situations." —Booklist

"Mr. Arias . . . has produced a powerfully disturbing work." —New York Times Book Review