University Press Week 2021: Forward Thinking

It’s University Press Week! “Keep UP!,” the 2021 University Press Week theme, marks the tenth anniversary and celebrates how university presses have evolved over the past decade.

In honor of today’s theme, Forward Thinking, we’re featuring a guest blog post from Faith Wilson Stein and Marisa Siegel, Northwestern UP’s new acquisitions editors. Faith and Marisa share their editorial visions and the future projects that make Northwestern UP a force to #KeepUp with! We hope this post inspires you to #ReadUP!

“Northwestern University Press boasts deep backlists in philosophy, literature, and theater studies, and I’m excited to see our latest titles not only build on those legacies but forge new paths in these areas. Likewise, our authors represent a range of academic profiles and their books a variety of career milestones. Among our newest publications, Rudolf Makkreel’s masterly study of Kant’s theory of judgment is a bittersweet gift—his final book, but no less innovative a contribution from a senior scholar and major thinker whose impact will be felt for generations. Jennifer Eun-Jung Row, in an exhilarating first monograph, interrogates the impact of queer affects on the early modern stage and in the emerging biopolitics of the Enlightenment. And theater and performance scholar and collaborator Shannon Jackson presents a collection of essays from across the whole of her career that together enact her commitment to social arts and societal engagement.”   – Faith Wilson Stein

“I’m thrilled to begin my career in book publishing at Northwestern University Press because of its long-term commitment to the authors and works it publishes. I aim to approach book publishing as I did magazine publishing at The Rumpus—to publish gorgeous literature that utilizes craft to explore possibilities, build bridges toward understanding, and broaden minds. I’m especially excited for the future of Curbstone Books, our innovative and award-winning imprint of books in fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and poetry that support social uplift and equity across cultures and continents and challenge readers to think deeply about our current sociopolitical moment. The projects I’m signing now for Curbstone will help shape our discourse, literary and otherwise, for the next ten years and beyond.” – Marisa Siegel

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