“50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology” – Table of Contents

This week, NU Press travels to Pittsburgh for the annual SPEP meeting, where we’ll introduce 50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology. Edited by Gail Weiss, Ann V. Murphy, and Gayle Salamon, the book is attracting an unusual amount of attention. “Anyone who questions the vitality of contemporary phenomenology as a site of radical questioning,” said How to Read Sartre author Robert Bernasconi, “will find the perfect antidote in Fifty Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology. The rich variety of marginalized perspectives represented here is a valuable corrective to so many works of philosophy that have gone before.” In response to the interest in the book, now on sale on our website, from online retailers, and bookstores with exceptional philosophy collections, we’re pleased to offer below the table of contents to this rich collection.

Weiss_TOC 1

Weiss_TOC 2

Weiss_TOC 3

Weiss_TOC 4

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