Subjectivity and Lifeworld in Transcendental Phenomenology

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Publication Date
October 2011
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Subjectivity and Lifeworld in Transcendental Phenomenology

The purpose of Sebastian Luft?s book is threefold: first, to contribute to the renaissance of Husserl interpretation inspired by the continuing publiĀ­cation of Husserl's works, mainly his unpublished manuscripts; second, to account for the historical origins and influence of the phenomenological project by articulating Husserl's relationship to authors before and after him; and finally, to argue for the continuing viability of the transcendental-phenomenological project, as conceived by Husserl in his later years, for contemporary thought. In this last regard, Luft shows that Husserlian phenomenology is not exhausted in the Cartesian, or early, perspective, which is indeed its weakest and most vulnerable presentation.
About the Author

Sebastian Luft is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University.