Imagining Otherwise

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Publication Date
June 1997
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166 pages
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Imagining Otherwise

Metapsychology and the Analytic A Posteriori
Andrew Cutrofello

Andrew Cutrofello's book performs a psychoanalytic inversion of transcendental philosophy, taking Kant's synthetic a prior judgments and reading them in terms of a foreclosed Kantian category--that of the analytic a posteriori. Working primarily out of Freudian and Lacanian problematics, Cutrofello not only subjects Kantian thought to psychoanalytic questioning, but also develops a systematic critique of metapsychology itself, disclosing and assessing its own paralogisms, antinomies, ideal, and ethics. This is a provocative reflection on the tensions between the Enlightenment project of critique and psychoanalytic theory.

About the Author

Andrew Cutrofello is associate professor of philosophy at Loyola University of Chicago.  He is the author of Discipline and Critique: Kant, Poststructuralism, and the Problem of Resistance and The Owl at Dawn: A Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.