Vortex of Indian Fevers

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Publication Date
April 1995
Page Count
62 pages
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5 x 8

Vortex of Indian Fevers

Adrian C. Louis

"Writing with the rage of a conscience that is simultaneously historical and urgent, Louis stands as one of those rare voices we must carry with us into the future."" --David St. John ""It is [Louis's] singular character and talent to accord no slack i"
About the Author

"It is [Louis's] singular character and talent to accord no slack in his account of the complex destiny of Native Americas, white America's genocidal disenfranchisement of them, and his own frank self-portraits. . . . Brutally honest, yes, but also beautifully aglow with love of language." —James Tate

"Pay attention to Adrian Louis. He is truly a voice in the wilderness. Prophetic, terrifyingly intelligent, unconditionally germane. Anyone who overlooks him does so in peril." —Hayden Carruth