Stomp and Sing

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ISBN 978-1-931896-15-3
Publication Date
April 2005
Page Count
70 pages
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5.5 x 8.5

Stomp and Sing


Jon Andersen's debut book of poems, Stomp and Sing, illuminates the concerns and aspirations of the new working-class generation. Andersen's image-studded lyrics about work, love, family and class struggle create a vivid narrative that traces the concerns and aspirations of young people facing the challenges of daily life in a turbulent century. These are clear, direct poems that take us from mountaintops to local cafes, from lumberyards to town sidewalks, and range in theme from the impact of racism to the consolation of nature.

Postcard from Chimney Pond

Climbed the talus around the pond last night-so many pebbles
around a puddle from the views of Baxter Peak, but down here
chunks of granite as big as the small house I grew up in, all
jumbled, jutting out of cold, clear water and piled up towards
the stars. Silent lightning split the sky far north. Scrambled
as far up the rock throat as I safely could and then some.
Slept beneath the cliffs. Had a dream of you so real that
for a long time after waking up, it felt good to have seen you again

About the Author

Jon Andersen won the 2003 Working People's Poetry Award (Partisan Press). He has recent work in the Blue Collar Review, The Progressive and O Taste and See: Food Poems (Bottom Dog Press). He teaches English at E. O. Smith High School in Storrs, Connecticut, and lives with his wife and sons in Willimantic, Connecticut.


"Jon Andersen's poems sing of a life lived, devoured, explored, and awake. Who writes like this anymore?" -- Luis J. Rodríguez, author of Always Running

"...his poems focus on the predicaments of the young working class, echoing with humble but persistent optimism." -- Library Journal

"Stomp and Sing is a deeply affirming book of poems at a time when the banalization of every action and the disappearance of our dignities threaten everyone by way of the forces of war and public lies. Jon Andersen recovers for us the deathless sense of earthly and familial relationships, development, work-magic, class-insistence and natural struggle. You wil recognize profoundly what the Evil Empire has wanted you to renounce by way of forgetting, and for that we have Jon Andersen to thank."

—Jack Hirshman