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ISBN 978-1-880684-63-4
Publication Date
October 1999
Page Count
104 pages
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5.5 x 8.5


In Sorrow, Claribel Alegria plumbs the depths of grief and wrests hope from pain and memory in lyrics written as love letters to her deceased husband. The poems not only summon their shared past in vivid detail, but also ponder the meaning of death and separation, and the yearning for eventual reunion.
About the Author

Claribel Alegría  has long been a revered voice for the struggle for self-determination in Central America, especially in her homeland, El Salvador. With nine books of poetry and prose available in English and numerous books in Spanish, she recently celebrated the 50th year since her first book publication. She was featured on Bill Moyers' "Language of Life: A Festival of Poets" program.

"...employing the Greek Myths, Alegría explores that twilight land between the living and the dead." -- Culture Watch

"A beautifully designed edition..." -- Connecticut Post

"A deeply moving collection of poems..." -- Hartford Advocate