Small Hours of the Night

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Publication Date
September 1996
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228 pages
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Small Hours of the Night

Selected Poems of Roque Dalton
About the Author

Roque Dalton García (San Salvador, El Salvador, 14 May 1935 – Quezaltepeque, El Salvador, 10 May 1975) was a leftist Salvadoran poet and journalist. He is considered one of Latin America's most compelling poets. He wrote emotionally strong, sometimes sarcastic, and image-loaded works dealing with life, death, love, and politics.


"Finally and gloriously here are the poems of Roque Dalton, one of the most compelling Central American poets it has been my privilege to read." -- Ariel Dorfman

"He was brilliant. His presence alone gave off light." -- Juan Gelman

[Dalton's poetry illustrates] his profound conviction that the poet can and must, in his life as in his work, serve as the finely-honed scalpel of change, both in word and deed..." -- Claribel Alegria