Eulogy for a Private Man

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Publication Date
September 1999
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56 pages
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Eulogy for a Private Man

Fred Dings

In poems both intimate and public, meditative and musical, Dings seeks to enrich the present by evoking both the future and the past. Urgent and carefully formed, his poems seek and awareness and expression that are responsible--intellectually and emotionally--to the most private and most communal moments of human experience.

About the Author

Fred Dings is the author of After the Solstice, a finalist for the Walt Whitman Award. His poetry has been published in the New Yorker, the New RepublicPoetry, and the Paris Review. He has taught creative writing at various universities.
"There is nothing notational or offhand about Dings's poems. Each is an exploration, intense and riveting." --Mark Strand
"A real find. . . . He's one of those rare poets who finds expression in our ineffable, everyday lives." --San Diego Union-Tribune

"Dings reaches for nothing less than the great themes of loss and death and the attempt to still discover a life, some light that allows us to live beyond our immediate circumstances. Dings is a true craftsman and knows absolutely an intelligent music must prevail, and it does, wonderfully, in this book."

—Christopher Buckley