Cities and Sea-Coasts and Islands

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ISBN 978-0-8101-6054-5
Publication Date
May 1998
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353 pages
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Cities and Sea-Coasts and Islands

Arthur Symons

Arthur Symons's collection of twenty-six essays on travel in Spain, life in London, and sojourns among islands and sea-coasts of France, England, and Ireland first appeared in the United States in 1919. His verbal portraits of the places he visited, whether bold and colorful or sensitive and merely suggestive, are as intriguing and interesting today as when he first wrote them.

About the Author

Arthur William Symons (28 February 1865 – 22 January 1945), was a British poet, critic and magazine editor.

"A book like this is valuable. . . . Its method seems not to arrive merely through the medium of writing. It seems to employ all the arts to its delicate and profound ends." --The Dial (London)
"Cities and Sea-Coasts and Islands is a book to be read over and over. It is a permanent addition to English literature." --Catholic World